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    For more details please visit our lab website: Metabolomics, Cell metabolism, Biological mass spectrometry & Bio-Analytical Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Metabolomics
  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom , - Research associate (2015- 2017 )
  • University College London, United Kingdom , - Research associate (2016- 2018 )
  • Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom , - Research Fellow (2018- 2020 )
  • Junior Research Fellowship,UGC-NET (Chemical Sciences)by UGC in 2009-2010
  • Junior Research Fellowship,CSIR-NET (Chemical Sciences)by CSIR in 2010-2012
  • Senior Research Fellowship,CSIR-NET (Chemical Sciences)by CSIR in 2012-2015
  • Wellcome Trust post-doctoral fellowship,Postdoctoralby UC & UCL, UK in 2015-2018
  • DBT- Ramalingaswami grant (44000£),by DBT, Govt of India in 2021
  • Young scientist research grant award (33000£),by DST, Govt of India in 2021
  • BrianQuinn, PhilipMcCarron YunheHong NicholasBirse ,DiWu, Christopher T Elliott, Ratnasekhar Ch. Elementomics combined with DD-SIMCA and K-NN to identify the geographical origin of rice samples from China, India, and Vietnam. Food Chemistry 2022
  • Verma T, Ratnasekhar CH.. Breast Cancer: Current Trends in Molecular Research, Radiotherapy in Carcinoma Breast. BENTHAM SCIENCE PUBLISHERS LTD 219-241, 2022 2022
  • Maeve Shannon, Ratnasekhar Ch, Terence F McGrath, Arun P Kapil, Christopher T Elliott . A two-tiered system of analysis to tackle rice fraud: The Indian Basmati study. Talanta 2021
  • Ratnasekhar Ch*, Guillaume Rey*, Sandipan Ray, Utham Valekunja, Paul C. Driscoll, Radoslaw Lach, Pawan Kumar Jha, Mariana Silva Dos Santos, James Ellis, James I. MacRae and Akhilesh B. Rhythmic glucose metabolism regulates red-ox circadian clockwork in human red blood cells. Nature communications 2021
  • Ratnasekhar Ch*, Olivier Chevallier, Christopher Elliott. Metabolomics reveal Circadian control of Cellular metabolism. Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2020
  • Ratnasekhar Ch*, Olivier Chevallier, Philip McCarron, Terence F McGrath, Di Wu, Arun P Kapil, Mary McBride, Christopher Elliott. Metabolomic fingerprinting of volatile organic compounds for the geographical discrimination of rice samples from China, Vietnam and India. Food Chemistry 2020
  • Guillaume Rey, Nikollay B Millev Utham Velekunja, Ratnasekhar Ch, Sandipan Ray, Maraiana Silva Dos Santos, Andras D Nagy, Robin Antrobus, James I Macrae, Akhilesh B Reddy. Metabolic oscillations on the circadian time scale in Drosophila cells lacking clock genes. Molecular Systems Biology 2018
  • .

    Rhythmic glucose metabolism regulates the redox circadian clockwork in human red blood cells


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