Crop Production and Protection

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    I am working in the area of mechanization of medicinal and aromatic crops, i.e. design, development and performance evaluation of digging equipments for rooted medicinal and aromatic crops. Harvesting equipments for menthol mint, lemongrass, citronella, Palmarosa and other medicinal crops. Also working in the area of drying of medicinal herbs.
  • B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering
  • M.Tech. Agricultural Engineering (Specialization in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering)
  • Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering (Specialization in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering)
  • University of Agricultural Sciences Raichur, Karnataka, Farm Machinery Testing Centre - Testing Engineer (September 2014- June 2015 )
  • College of agriculture, Mandya, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, Agricultural Engineering on contractual basis - Assistant professor (September 2019- March 2020 )
  • Senior Research Fellowship ,PhDby CSIR in 2016
  • National Fellowship ,PhDby University Grant Commission in 2015
  • Anandakumar T.M., Devendra Kumar, B. Shivanna, and Rakesh Kumar . Physical properties of Ashwaganhda seeds (Withania Somnifera L.) - A medicinal crop. Industrial Crops and Products 2022
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  • Devendra Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Anil Kumar Singh, KirtiVerma, Kushal Pal Singh, Nilofer, Anuj Kumar,Vivek Singh, Parminder Kaur, Anjali Singh, Anandakumar, T.M., Puja Khare and Saudan Singh. A Novel and economically viable agro-technique for enhancing productivity and resource use efficiency in menthol mint (menthe arvensis L.). Industrial Crops and Products 2021
  • Anandakumar T.M. and Singh, T.P. Engineering properties of tuberose bulbs and gladiolus corms in relation to design of metering mechanism for planting. International Journal of Engineering and Science 2020
  • Anandakumar T.M. and Singh, T.P. Development and performance evaluation of cup-chain type metering mechanism for Gladiolus corms in the soil bin. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences 2019
  • Anandakumar, T.M.,Sanjeevareddy, B., Anantachar, M., Veeranagouda, M. and Prakash, K.V.. Development of Tractor Operated Machine for Maize stalk in-situ shredding. Environment & Ecology 2016

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