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    Dr. Vikrant’s lab has been working in the area of Plant Molecular Biology & Plant Genomics. Current focus of the laboratory is on structural & functional genomics of economically important Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs). Secondary metabolites that are produced by MAPs have pharmaceutical importance for health and wellbeing of human kind. These are synthesized in very limited amounts in planta, and their biosynthesis is tightly regulated at the molecular and developmental levels. In many medicinal/aromatic plants these metabolites are synthesized or stored in specialized tissue/organs such as glandular trichomes, root tissue, etc. Generation of genomics/transcriptomis resources for gene mining and utilization is the key for improving the quality of medicinal/aromatic plants in terms of bioactive secondary molecules. His laboratory has been focusing on the modulation of secondary metabolism in selected MAPs through genomics and molecular interventions. To understand the regulation of secondary metabolism, few transcription factor encoding genes from selected medicinal/aromatic plants have been identified and are being functionally characterized. Apart from transcription factors, miRNAs from medicinal plants are also identified to investigate their role(s) in secondary metabolism. Moreover, the laboratory has been focusing in understanding the molecular aspects of development of glandular trichomes and root biomass in selected MAPs. Few trichome development-related gene homologs from Artemisia annua as a model medicinal plant have been identified and studied in details at the molecular level. Root development gene homolog(s) are being studied in Withania somnifera for improvement in root architecture and biomass. The aspect of abiotic stresses and signal transduction through kinases that affect the secondary metabolism in medicinal plants are also being investigated. Such genes have immense potential as biotechnological tool for metabolic engineering in plants and have great industrial impact and societal benefits. Moreover, the trichome- and root-specific genes would provide tissue-specific promoters for targeted expression of genes plants.
  • M.Sc. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
  • Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology
  • CSIR-CIMAP, - Senior Scientist (October 2007- October 2011 )
  • CSIR-CIMAP, - Principal Scientist (October 2011- October 2016 )
  • CSIR-CIMAP, - Senior Principal Scientist (October 2016- till date )
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