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    Dr. Ashutosh K. Shukla’s core research area is medicinal plant molecular biology and biotechnology with a focus on alkaloid-producing plants. His lab aims to make a meaningful contribution towards better understanding of various aspects of secondary metabolism in medicinal plants. He has carried out studies on biotic/abiotic modulation of plant secondary metabolism and also contributed in medicinal plant authentication and validation of traditional claims on medicinal properties of plants. His work has provided new insights for omics-based characterization of secondary metabolism in contrasting organs, genotypes and developmental stages of medicinal plants like Catharanthus roseus, Papaver somniferum and Artemisia annua. A major thrust area of the lab is focused on evolving vindoline enhancing strategies and carrying out relevant gene prospecting in C. roseus. It involves elucidation of stress and micronutrient dependency of vindoline accumulation in C. roseus. Analysis/characterization of genes responsible for modulating high-value medicinally-important secondary metabolite biosynthesis is expected to facilitate cost-effective production alternatives. Further, the lab is using biotechnology for validation of Ayurveda and providing a scientific basis for principles of traditional medicine. Special interest lies in gaining insights into hypoglycemic/antidiabetic, anti-allergic, hepatoprotective and IBD-managing potential of medicinal plants. The lab is also venturing to study the biosynthesis of economically important alkaloids in some unexplored Indian medicinal plants.
  • M.Sc. Biochemistry
  • MBA Marketing
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry
  • Post Doctoral Alkaloid Biotechnology
  • Post Doctoral Alkaloid Biotechnology
  • CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants , Plant Biotechnology - Senior Principal Scientist (June 2021- till date )
  • Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Visiting Scientist (March 2018- June 2018 )
  • CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants , Plant Biotechnology - Principal Scientist (June 2016- June 2021 )
  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Toni Kutchan Lab - Visiting Scientist (September 2012- September 2013 )
  • CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Plant Biotechnology - Senior Scientist (June 2012- June 2016 )
  • CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Plant Biotechnology - Scientist (June 2008- June 2012 )
  • National Scholarship Award ,merit position in the B.Sc. examination by Ministry of Human Resource Development in 1994
  • Rai Saheb Sheo Shanker Memorial Scholarship ,first position in M.Sc. I (Biochemistry)by University of Lucknow in 1995
  • Prof. P.S. Krishnan Gold Medal ,first position in M.Sc. (Biochemistry)by University of Lucknow in 1996
  • BioTalent Award,poster session (first prize)by Bangalore Bio 2007 in 2007
  • First prize ,Science and Innovation Quiz by UK Trade and Investment at Bangalore Bio 2007 in 2007
  • CIMAP Day Award ,by CSIR-CIMAP in 2007
  • Award for the Highest Impact Factor Publication , Highest Impact Factor Publication of CIMAP by CSIR-CIMAP in 2007
  • BioTalent Award,Poster Session by Bangalore Bio 2008 in 2008
  • Best Research Paper Award ,Best Research Paper by University of Lucknow in 2007
  • Indo-US Research Fellowship,research in the area of Life Sciencesby IUSSTF and DST in 2012
  • Award for an Outstanding Research Publication ,Outstanding Research Publication by CSIR-CIMAP in 2021
  • Raman Research Fellowship ,the year 2017-18 by CSIR in 2018
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  • Shukla B, Gupta S, Srivastava G, Sharma A, Shukla AK, Shasany AK. lncRNADetector: A bioinformatics pipeline for long non-coding RNA identification and MAPslnc: A repository of medicinal and aromatic plant lncRNAs. RNA Biology 2021
  • Khanuja SPS, Shukla AK. Human health and nutrition: Functional foods. KL Chadha, AK Singh, VB Patel (Eds.) Horticulture to Horti-Business, Souvenir of the Fourth Indian Horticulture Congress held at New Delhi during 18-21 November, 2010, Westville Publishing House, New Delhi, pp 433-445 2011
  • Shasany AK, Shukla AK, Khanuja SPS . Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. C Kole (Ed.) Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants, Volume 6 Technical Crops, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp 175-196 2007

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