Project Monitoring & Evaluation

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  • PME @ CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow
Project Monitoring and Evaluation

PME cell works as a central facility for monitoring and evaluation of the scientific projects and programs of the institute. The type of projects under purview include:

Major Lab Projects (MLPs).

Other Lab Projects (OLPs).

Headquarter Controlled Projects (HCPs).

Supra Institutional Project (SIP).

Network Projects (NWPs).

RSWNET Project for rural, women and north east regions.

Grant-in-Aid Projects (GAPs).

Golden Triangle Project (GTP).

Consultancy Projects (CNPs).

Sponsored Projects.

PME is acts as central repository of the project documents, progress reports, fund receipt and utilization reports, project completion reports. PME is the central agency for monitoring and evaluation the projects for the committed deliverables in a time bound manner and progress of utilization of the funds to meet the mandated objectives of the project.

Further, PME is also a key player in framing projects for five year plans of CSIR through transparent consultative process among the CIMAP scientists and other interested appropriate network project partners. It is the enforcement agency for CSIR Guidelines for Project Monitoring and Evaluation issued from time to time.