Metabolic and Structural Biology Department

Last Updated: Friday, 10 April 2015
Molecular & Structural Biology Achievements

Our recent researches have led to the significant understanding of the metabolic pathways. By utilizing systematically generated information under NIMITLI programme on ashwagandha, a superior variety of ashwagandha NMITLI 118 was developed and released. In Artemisia annua, an important anti-malarial plant, adaptation mechanism to various abiotic stresses is being pursued. The role of secondary metabolites in coping up the extreme environment imposed on them is being analysed using transcriptome versus metabolome approaches. The exploration of terpenoidal metabolome spanning entire plant growth, for important drug artemisinin and essential oil revealed differential developmental and regulation dynamics. Our group,s research interests also lie in the area of bioinformatics. We employ computational methods to elucidate intertwined relationships between protein/gene/ESTs sequences, structure, function, interactions, genome, transcriptome and pathways. The ultimate goal of our research is to obtain new, comprehensive understanding of how structures and functions are coded in molecular sequences & chemical structure and how functions of molecules are orchestrated in a cell. Specifically, we develop and apply novel computational methods for predicting protein structure from sequence, predicting protein function from sequence and structure, predicting protein-protein, protein-DNA, and protein-small molecules interactions, predicting functional sites in sequences, genome-scale function and structure annotation, transcriptome analysis, analyzing functional units in networks, structure activity relationship, structure toxicity relationship, predictive pharmacokinetics (ADME) and predictive toxicology studies. Data mining, machine learning, visualization, data and knowledge fusion, graphical interfaces etc. are all research areas for which we are developing our methods, databases and tools. We use them in practical data analytics and specialize in bioinformatics, crafting artificial intelligence approaches to answer questions from systems biology, functional genomics, metabolomics, pathways mapping and biomedicine.

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