Last Updated: Thursday, 05 February 2015

Introduced temperate essential oil crop “clarysage” for north Indian plains as a winter crop.

Optimized planting/ sowing time and planting techniques, irrigation schedules, fertilizer requirement, cost effective weed management and post harvest practices for economically viable MAPs.

Developed MAPs based remunerative cropping systems and overlapping cropping systems for irrigated and rain fed farming.

Developed early menthol mint technology for higher production of suckers and essential oil.

Dissemination of agro-technologies at farmer’s field.

Development of Krishak sathi (an efficient weeding tool) and Khus digger

KhusDigger                                         handweeder              LeafAreameter

 Tracter Mounted Khus Digger                                     Krishak Sathi:Hand Weeder                                                      Leaf Area Meter

(An efficient implement minimizing

digging cost by 80%)

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