Process Chemistry & ChemEngg Department

Last Updated: Friday, 13 June 2014
The State of Art Facilities/Capabilities

Controlled temperature dryers, grinders & pulversing devices for post harvest processing of herbs

Steam / hydro field and steam distillation units for extraction of essential oils up to 1.0 ton herb / batch capacity.

Stainless steel organic distillation units for production of all types of high value essential oils.

Multipurpose extraction plants of 10-100 kg herb/ batch capacity for solvent / alcoholic / aqueous extraction of medicinal / aromatic herbs for standardized extracts, concretes / absolutes / oleoresins etc

Fractional distillation columns for isolation of aroma chemicals from essential oils of 200 ml to 15 lt capacity

Wiped film, falling film and rotary vacuum evaporators of 1-50 lt / hr capacity for controlled evaporation

Reciprocating plate liquid liquid extraction column for downstream processing and partioning of extracts

Adsorption silica gel column chromatography units of glass & stainless steel capacity of upto 80 kg loading capacity

Hydrophilic membrane and RO filtration unit of capacity upto 100 lt / hr for downstream processing and aqueous herbal concentration.

Pilot scale Freeze dryer upto 12 kg / day drying capacity for heat sensitive molecules

Centrifuges and low temperature deep freezer for menthol production

High throughput Nustch type and pressure leaf units for filtration of extracts

Spray dryer for drying/ powdering of thermo labile phytochemicals / extracts

High pressure glass lined and stainless steel CSTR of upto 100 liter capacity for synthesis

Double walled jacket glass reaction system for synthesis for low & high temperature reactions

High Pressure High temperature Reactor (1L capacity) with URC controlling system. Glass reactor for up-scaling studies, Microwave reactor, Sonicator, Surface Area analyzer, TGA DS

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