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Tech Profile

Application/User : For the first time ever, a “Tractor Trolley Mounted Directly Fired Type Mobile Distillation Unit” has been designed and developed by CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow. The unit which can be attached to any tractor and can be transported directly to the farmer’s field for distillation of the aromatic crops aromatic crops like mentha, lemongrass, basil, vetiver etc.

Level/Scale of Development : Capacity of unit 400-500 Kg / batch semi dried

Status of Commercialisation : CSIR-CIMAP Mobile Distillation unit was released for commercial exploitation in 2012. The design of the unit is available for Self help groups, NGOs, entrepreneurs and industries

Environmental Considerations : Uses agro waste / distilled waste as fuel. Due to presence of chimney no pollution at workplace

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized : The equipment / unit are based on CSIR-CIMAP knowhow, designs and specifications. The unit is fabricated as per requirement of the crops to be distilled. The unit is completely fabricated of stainless steel

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required : The unit can be installed independently within a entrepreneur / farmers field or shed

Techno-Economics : The initial investment of setting up the unit will be around 7.5-8.0 lakhs. cost of the unit varies as per the capacity of unit, crops to be distilled, material of construction and other technical features etc.

Salient Technical Features

As compared to fixed type filed distillation units the Mobile distillation unit will be highly beneficial for the farmers having less land holding or cannot afford to the improved distillation units.

As compared to the local type units the mobile unit is highly efficient, gives higher recovery and better quality of the essentials oils.

Mounted on a specially designed & fabricated heavy duty four wheel trolley and can be attached to any tractor.

Easily transportable to the farmers fields which shall save time & money of taking the crops to the distillation tanks.

Capacity 400-500 Kg / batch semi dried; Useful for distillation of all types of essential oils bearing aromatic crops including mints, lemongrass, palmarosa, citronella, basil, patchouli, vetiver etc.

Shall be using spent distilled biomass waste as fuel which shall minimize cost of firewood.

Designed with inbuilt calandria for utilizing the heat energy of the flue gases thus decreasing the time required for boiling and also increasing the steam generation rate, which in turn enhances the distillation efficiency & oil recovery.

Trolley equipped with water overhead tank,recycling reservoir and portable diesel pump for providing water for distillation & condenser unit. Suitable for water scarcity areas.

Efficiently designed with shell & tube type condenser for proper condensation & complete oil recovery.

Distillation unit constructed of Stainless Steel grade-304 having excellent corrosion resistance properties for high quality essential conforming to organic processing requirements.

Furnace made of Stainless Steel grade-310 specially designed for high temperature operations thus giving a longer life to the unit.

Provided with an inbuilt MS chimney for better air draft to the furnace and preventing pollution at work place.

Unit designed having double walled air insulation system to prevent heating of the trolley and with baffle plates to prevent heat damage to the trolley tires.

Technology Package

CSIR-CIMAP offers a complete technology package for setting up of improved distillation units for essential oils. The technical knowhow / consultancy package includes designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the unit with trial runs andtraining to operators.

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants,
P.O-CIMAP,Near Kukrail Picnic Spot
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