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Tech Profile

IPR Status : CSIR-CIMAP Know-how

Application/User : For distillation of essential oils from aromatic crops like mentha, lemongrass, basil, vetiver etc.

Level/Scale of Development : Variable : Can be designed from 100 kg herb / batch capacity to 2.0 ton herb / batch

Status of Commercialisation : CSIR-CIMAP Improved Field Distillation Units have been successfully commercialized and has been installed and transferred to several farmers/ entrepreneurs and industries throughout the country

Environmental Considerations : Uses agro waste / distilled waste as fuel. Due to presence of chimney no pollution at workplace

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized : The equipment / unit are based on CSIR-CIMAP knowhow, designs and specifications. The unit is fabricated as per requirement of the crops to be distilled. The unit can be made of MS / SS depending on the crop. All contact parts however are made of high grade stainless steel

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required : Mixer with temperature control, packing and sealing machine

Techno-Economics : The cost of the unit varies as per the capacity of unit, crops to be distilled, material of construction and other technical features etc

Salient Technical Features

As compared to local distillation units CSIR-CIMAP improved directly fired type field distillation units are more efficient, gives higher recovery and better quality of the essentials oils. The units are built with an inbuilt calandria unit which enhances the steam generation rate thus higher oil recovery.

Salient Features .

Higher steam generation as more heating surface area.

Better oil recovery, 10-15% higher than local units.

Lesser time for distillation approx 30-40 % time saving.

More fuel efficient, 20-30% fuel saving.

Less oil losses due to less vaporization and better oil separation device.

Utilizes agro waste / spent distillation waste as fuel.

No smoke in work area due to provision of chimney.

Better quality material of construction with all contact parts of SS.

Highly safe : No chances of pressure build up.

Technology Package

CSIR-CIMAP offers a complete technology package for setting up of improved distillation units for essential oils. The technical knowhow / consultancy package includes designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the unit with trial runs and training to operators.

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants,
P.O-CIMAP,Near Kukrail Picnic Spot
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