Last Updated: Wednesday, 08 April 2015
Botany & Pharmacognosy Overrview

Research activities of the department are aimed at survey, collection and authentication of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) from different phyto-geographical regions of the country. Collation and documentation of traditional knowledge on medicinal plants from tribal people. Introduction of MAPs in CSIR-CIMAP campus for developing new chemo- types and varieties. Enhancement of herbarium specimens and crude drugs in repository of CIMAP and its maintenance. Publication of Books on MAPs for awareness in R & D activities of the institute and Knowledge Calendar. Investigations on various physiological factors affecting accumulation of secondary metabolites viz. alkaloids and essential oil in important MAPs. Established techniques of sand and hydroponics culture suitable for MAPs are employed to grow the plants.

Development of conventional (emulsion/suspension/gel/cream/solution/syrup/capsule etc) and novel drug delivery (micro-emulsion /nanoemulsion/ phytosomes/ microsphere/ nanogel etc.) based herbal formulations. Drug-Safety evaluation of developed formulation using skin, mucus membrane and irritation assay.

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