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Botany & Pharmacognosy Department Achievements

A tracer technique developed to evaluate carbon fixation efficiency in terms of primary metabolites and its biosynthetic utilization for accumulation of secondary metabolites viz. alkaloids and essential oils in MAPs. Standardized Sand and Hydroponics culture medium were developed for growing MAPs and reported for medicinal herb Centella asiatica for the first time. Effect of plant growth regulators on growth and secondary metabolite yield reported. Interspecific variations in root architecture grown in Root Boxes evaluated. Micronutrient studies in MAPs conducted in Sand Culture to determine optimum dose for maximal biomass and secondary metabolite production. A Radio-TLC method developed for separation of Patchoulol in the Patchouli oil. Monthly assessment of the effect of storage with respect to various medium and temperature conditions on bio-deterioration of secondary metabolites in crude bark drugs studied. Effect of season on yield and composition of the essential oil of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook leaf grown in sub-tropical conditions of North India evaluated. Survey and assessment of biodiversity of Aromatic plant species in five districts viz. Amethi, Barabanki, Lucknow, Raebareli and Sultanpur completed. Proper storage conditions and stability assessment of guggulsterones identified. Oral formulation based on ayurvedic principle for synergistic combination of three plant extracts effective at low dose for the treatment of arthritis related conditions and method of preparing the same were developed.

Total number of Publications (SCI Journals) – 240 Books and Technical Manuals-10.

Total number of national & international patents- 1 

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