CSIR-CIMAP Research Centre,Pantnagar

Last Updated: Friday, 02 May 2014
Various Services Offered at CSIR-CIMAP Research Centre Pantnagar

The established infrastructures like distillation units, boiler, agricultural implements etc. are another advantage to run the center effectively. Genetic improvement of MAPs especially mints, aromatic grasses, satawar, clarysage, silybum rose, kalmegh etc., agrotechnological experiments; large scvale production of Quality Planting Materials ( QPMs); essential oil analysis; germplasm collection and introduction are the major activities of the center. Besides these, promotion of MAPs cultivation in Uttarakhand, adjoining areas of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other parts of country through training and demonstration programme; development of post harvest technologies of MAPs.; establishing Biovillage programmes for various crops and transfer of improved agro-technologies of MAP to the farmers and industries are some other activities of the center.Quality planting materials/seeds of Maps including Mints, Aromatic grasses, Satawar, Silybum, Rose, Kalmegh, Rosemary, Tulsi etc.

Bio Village Mission:

Mentha: Through the continuous efforts of CIMAP in developing and disseminating genetically improved varieties, the area of mint cultivation substantially spread throughout the country especially the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, madya Pradesh etc. CIMAP developed high yielding varieties such as Himalaya, Kosi, Saksham and Kushal etc. CIMAP’s extensive work on mint cropping system encouraged the farmers to go for intensive mint cultivation. These efforts brought recognition to CIMAP by the prestigious CSIR Technology Prize, in the area of Biological Sciences and Technology for development of superior varieties in menthol mint.

Geranium: The “Rural Empowerment Geranium based value chain” project was launched with the support of Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council(TIFAC). CIMAP standardized the technologies for cultivation and distillation processes and the same was demonstrated to farmers of Uttaranchal state. CIMAP provided planting materials to farmers with all technology assistance and brought the farmers, scientist and the entrepreneurs in a singe platform..

Artemisia: It was successfully implemented in Udham Singh Nagar,Nainital, Pauri, Champawat and Haridwar districts of Uttarakhand and Pilibhit, Bareilly, Rampur, Moradabad, Budaun and Bijnaur districts of Uttar Pradesh. A total of 19.020 kgs of seeds were sown on individual farmer’s field with whom the agreement was made. The transplantation started from Feb’ 06. Frequent visits were made to farmer’s fields and all technicals guidance was provided. The harvesting started directly purchased the material from the farmers. The farmers of Uttarakhand and adjoining areas feel that Artemisia crop is giving better profit than the other traditional crops. This mission programme brought a revolution in farmer’s economy in these regions.

AgroTechnology Various production techniques from input requirement to processing and quality evolution have been brought out from this centre for MAP s especially in mint spp., aromatic grasses. Numerous agro technology practices especially in mint species are being developed from the centre which included changing the time of planting from monsoon to spring season; Production of Mentha suckers by ratoon replaced by planting of runners/tips during July-August; response of mint species to row spacing, nitrogen, irrigation management, optimum time of harvest, intercropping system in poplar, eucalyptus plantation and agro forestry etc. Intercropping of mint spp. especially menthol mint with sugarcane was developed from this Centre.

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