Medicinal Chemistry Department of CIMAP is well recognized nationally and internationally for its excellent research. The scientists of the department are extremely well qualified, and motivated with a strong commitment to research. The research in medicinal chemistry department includes: activity guided isolation and characterization of bioactive natural products/drug leads; QSAR and docking guided drug designing / lead optimization; development of novel preparative / large scale isolation process for phytomolecules / drug leads and chemical finger printing of new released aromatic plants varieties of CIMAP, new introduced or less investigated aromatic plants of India. The major research programs are interdisciplinary (chemistry-bioinformatics-biology) linked. The main focus of research is to carry out semi-synthetic modification of natural products into compounds having potential anticancer, immunostimulants, hepatoprotective, antimalarial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities.

The department has a very conducive environment for both study and research. The students pursuing doctoral research have the option for Ph. D. degree registration either from AcSIR or from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The department has all essential capabilities and instrumentation to carry out research in the emerging mission areas of drug development and industrial partnering. With substantial funding from government and industrially sponsored projects, our research interests are multidisciplinary focused on diverse topics such as Medicinal chemistry, Natural product chemistry, Synthetic chemistry and Process chemistry.